Bandai Voltes V Diecast Robot Figure SOC GX-31 Soul of Chogokin

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Not since the early 1980's have we seen a chogokin version of Voltes V, but the wait is finally over! Feast your eyes on the new Bandai Japan Soul of Chogokin GX-31 Voltes V. There are 5 vehicles that make up Voltes V. PB-04 Volt Crewzer, the red ship that makes up the head of Voltes V. PB-05 Volt Bomber, the spaceship that forms the arms of Voltes V. PB-06 Volt Panzer, the tank vehicle that forms the torso of Voltes V. PB-07 Volt Frigate, the land-based vehicle that forms the legs of Voltes V. PB-08 Volt Lander, the cute planet exploration vehicle that forms the feet of Voltes V. They all unite to form Voltes V, the greatest of all Super Robots!

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